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Why Vampires?

July 21, 2018

Good Morning my fellow vampire lovers, SrS here.  As promised, I am enjoying my second cup of coffee with you!!!! Lets explore all the concepts of vampires and why I chose to create the vampires that I did. As far back as I can remember i have always been fascinated with the concept of vampires. I don’t think it really had anything to do with the immortality of the vampire life but rather the sensuality of them. Not just the lure they had on their victims but a vampire as a whole. For me, looking at some of the great vampire entities, I cant help but think about Lestat and everything that he has seen, experienced and lived thru. I could go on and on with that but I think you know what I mean. At one point in time, when someone spoke about a vampire book or movie the general consensus was the same, killers. Alot has changed over the course of double digit years and the role of a vampire has changed drastically and those changes had a profound effect on me. so much so that i wrote my first novel, “the hunt for the healer”. In my book, you are introduced to 5 vampires; Arturo, Garius, Leebo, Ketra and Frederick. Before you read any further, if you haven’t read the book there may be spoiler points in here that you may or may not want to know, so you will have to decide if you want to read on any further. For today, lets look at Arturo.  Arturo is the oldest of the three brothers, keep in mind that he is the fraternal twin to Garius, and older by only minutes but I wanted his character to portray a feeling of being older than his twin by years.  He and Garius, are as different as night and day, yet carry a distinct likeness all the same. While creating Arturo, instead of thinking hey this is a vampire and his character should be this way, I approached him as if he were a person (I did this with all of my characters) and started to give him a personality. Much like building a house, I had to start with a foundation and so, that was the key point in Arturo. The rock of the family; calm, rational, wise beyond his years, while still having the ability to be devilish and good humored with his brothers.  When I imagine Arturo I see a rugged cowboy figure, the solid muscled, hard working man with a constant five o’clock shadow.  Having that image in my head made the connection between him and Kaitlin O’Malley pair up seemed like a good fit.  In the book, he is a behind the scenes kind of hero.  Never really taking the spotlight but you are constantly aware of his presence and his interaction with JJ. Allowing myself the freedom of fiction and the imagination that these are real people, gave me the ability to say, hey… everyone wants to be loved, even middle-aged people. Obviously, their relationship was not as prominent as JJ’s and Garius’ but rather a behind the scene romance. Why did I pair him up with Kaitlin O’Malley? I believe the real question is, why wouldn’t I have?

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