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Vampire Antics

July 22, 2018

Goodmorning… SrS here, getting ready to emerge myself in the glorious fantasy land of vampires. The weather here is dismal and dark, with rain splattering against the window panes.  My coffee is hot and the fingers are in position over the keyboard. Remember, if you haven’t read the book, the hunt for the healer, there may be spoilers in this blog.  I had so much fun writing the first novel in the halo series, but I have to tell you that writing the second one is proving to be more enjoyable than I ever could have suspected. For me, the first book was more about adding new members to your fantasy family. I can remember reading Twilight (which is my ultimate favorite saga, kudos to Stephanie Meyers) and having reactions to whatever Bella was going through. Her characters had become a part of me in a weird way, like I was standing beside her and experiencing her moments with her.  And I thought to myself, I want people to experience that.  So, in the hunt for the healer, I made it my ultimate goal for every character to be able to be tangible through the readers mind. Which brings me to my next vampire of discussion; Garius.  Oh Garius, is such a thrill to create. For me, he is the James Dean of today’s world, which is why his character rides a motorcycle.  The bad boy of the brothers. No fancy frills for him, Levis and a t-shirt of some kind, more worn then new, the coloring faded with maybe a small hole in it. His shaggy semi long hair all helter-skelter and hanging in his deep emerald mossy green eyes, surrounded with dark and thick eyelashes.  Its obvious I favor Garius out of all of my characters and I think its because he can play off the bad boy even though he ‘waggles his eyebrows’ and tends to be the vampire who always has a funny retort. I wanted the readers to pull him in and  hope that he and JJ would be together. Garius’ character is meant to give readers a small thrill of vampires from yesterday only modernized.  In the second book you may see a side of Garius that you may not like. We get to see many different shades of Garius in the first novel. In his introduction he is a charismatic, flirtatious, playful and light-hearted guy and over the course of the next couple of weeks you get to see him evolve into genuinely caring for the O’Malley family, especially the daughter JJ.  I wanted JJ to bring out in Garius the young man he was back in the 1500’s before he was turned. A young man who wasn’t constantly jumping from woman to woman, so he would never get to close and I thought, don’t make it a woman, make it a young woman more on the younger side so she could remind him what life was like. Before your eyes, you see how he had to reign in 500 years of immortality when JJ and he made love. This instant connection between him and JJ allows him to feel, feel human again. So much so, that when he is with her his heart starts to beat. Towards the end, you experienced the vampire within Garius. The meeting with Ketra brings out the predator, the deadly monster we all remember from the early days of Dracula. (But just a little!) Until we blog again! Be safe and happy reading. sincerely SrS

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