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Female Vampires

August 21, 2018

Female Vampires  KETRA Hello everyone SrS here. I’ve been sitting here all week contemplating just how to explain the character Ketra. Growing up, the few vampire movies that were out, all seemed to be portrayed as a stereotype. Pale face, jet black hair with a prominent widows peak, ruby red lips, long black cape with a high neck collar. Fast forward into the here and now and vampires are portrayed quite differently. TV shows like “The Originals”, “Vampire Diaries”, and unforgettable movies like “Twilight” and so many more, we get to see vampires in a less hideous light. For me, Ketra is a cross between the vampires of old and the modern vampire. I want her character to pop but in what way, is completely up to the reader. On one hand to the mere mortals eye she is beautiful with her porcelain skin and long ebony hair but for those who can see past the facade, see the very thin skin of an old vampire and smell the sickly sweet permeating stench of rotten corpse. Her beauty long gone and the real predator shows. Her demeanor is that of the old ways; humans are her dinner. Her prey to toy with. I want to bring back the fear that Dracula once put into our stomachs but also keep the beautiful side to the new found vampires. Just like Leebo, we really haven’t seen much of Ketra in the first book, “the hunt for the healer”, but keep reading, the second book will take you into the mind of Ketra. Have a great day everyone!!! sincerely SrS

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