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Vampire Leebo

August 1, 2018

Hello everyone, SrS here.  Its way past my second cup of coffee but better late than never I say.  This particular blog had me a little stumped.  In my vampire series, the most underplayed character would be Leebo.  He starts out in the forefront and slowly moves to the background but still plays a very important role.  I wanted Leebo to be the non-boisterous vampire who is philosophical and intelligent.  A momma’s boy through and through.  There is so much more to his character that we haven’t even delved upon. Again, if you have not read the book and intend to, be forewarned there could be spoilers in this blog! So what truly happened to Leebo? Much like Frederick, he was drawn in by the healing blood coursing through JJ’s veins.  However, we later find out that Leebo has been possessed by the soul of Frederick Von Guise with the help of Ketra.  What will happen? Will Leebo be forever lost to his brothers and ultimately be entirely consumed by Frederick?

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