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From her own experiences, and stories from family and others, D.K. Viola has always been fascinated by the unknown. She read her first book about Cryptids when her father came home with a book about Bigfoot at 10 years of age, which prompted a life-long quest to find the answers to the question: "Is there something else besides us in this universe?" Do aliens exist? There must be life besides us, and her first book: Evolution, The Indigo Child, tries to explain that. Her subsequent novels will also try and answer those questions that we all wonder, but are afraid to talk about. D.K. lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her husband, children and pets. 


I live with my wonderful husband in Pa. We share three children and four amazing beautiful grandsons. When I’m not writing I am actively involved in saving the lives or unwanted and forgotten feral cats. I live by the strong belief of working hard and dreaming big. My passion for writing is so strong that I tend to get lost in the fantasy and forget about the real world. My oldest grandson, who is six, has been diagnosed with ASD and our journey together in this world has shown me that thinking outside of the box is pretty amazing. May you enjoy the halo novels as much as I enjoy writing them.


Like the protagonist in her first story, Ghost Eyes, Viktoria loves the water. Growing up, she wished she could breathe underwater and play with the fish in the lakes and streams or swim with dolphins in the ocean. Her imagination from childhood never left and eventually began seriously writing while working in San Francisco amongst other writers and artists. Now back in Pennsylvania, Viktoria has become a tree-hugging goddess and makes frequent trips to the beach.


 As a mother and imagination enthusiast, I find the art of writing for children very euphoric. As we grow we all tackle obstacles within our lives. Making mistakes is a part of the experience and learning curves we all need. "Never be aftraid to make Magical Mistakes." When you make one, you learn something and that can be used to create something new. I also leave one mistake within all my books. Can you find it? Follow me on  Facebook and I am on  www.gt-publishing.com too!



I am a military wife and mother of four. From a young age writing has been a passion of mine and I love being able to get my imagination down on paper to share. I write romance, erotica and anything  to do with love or passion. You can find me on  here, or on www.gt-publishing.com Information to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be found under the social media tab on this website and on the www.gt-publishing.com. Remember: "You can't have History, without a Story in it."

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