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Fostering Faux Pas

September 23, 2018

Good morning everyone, SrS here!!! Although fostering can be extremely stressful I need to point out also how rewarding it is. After little Boogerz eye had fallen out, I started to have 2 normal little kittens. Playing and  scampering all over the kitchen floor, running from one end of the kitchen to the other end. ( I had the living room blocked off to keep the dogs separated from the kittens) I was quite apparent that my little Boogerz was somewhat delayed in his development and while Talon had transitioned from buppie to canned kitten food mixed with some formula, Boogs (my nickname for Boogerz) was still a full time buppie baby.  I began to notice that Boogs belly was bloated and although he was getting better with his bowel movements the swelling was still there which led me to believe perhaps he had worms. Over the next several weeks our routine pretty much stayed the same and during those weeks I started to socialize the kittens to other people and to Du, our German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix. They did rather well with both humans and canine and only showed signs of uncertainty for a few minutes. Fauz Pas number 1, never let your guard down. When dealing with sick baby kittens that had a horrible start in life, dont ever thing that just because the obvious issue has been solved that one isnt just laying in the background waiting for the right moment to make its self known.   It feels as though when Boogs leaps over one hurdle  three more  appear and they get higher. He is such the little fighter and as long as he has the fight in him I wont give up. He has over come the eye loss and URI, he and his brother are both off of the buppie (thank God cause momma was so over the buppie); although i still give them formula in a bowl.  Both are litter pan trained and   have started to spread their wings and intermingle with my cats in the kitchen. Boogerz was putting on weight and running around with Talon like little kittens should be.  It was glorious to see him come out of his shell and just be a naughty little boy, but as i said dont let your guard down.  I dont know when it happened but Boogz started running and then would abruptly stop and just lay down so out of breath he would pant.  It was so bad that I started to panic and set off to the vet. After an examine, blood tests and x-rays we were now faced with a heart five times it normal size. It was so large it was pushing his esophagus together causing him to have trouble breathing. Diagnosis: unknown, Prognosis: Unsure  Treatment: antibiotics, heart medicine, diuretic and tons of praying.

We spent alot of time together he and I, he loved to be cuddled and smoochie smooched. His favorite pass time was lying on my thigh. He had lost his fever coat and was a beautiful black cat. He had turned out to be his brother Talons’ twin and they loved each other.  Talon knew that his brother was sick and had limitations, I would swear by that. He played with him on Boogerz limit, (there were some times when Boogerz must have been feeling better because one minute Talon was standing and the next Boogerz had jumped on him and they would play fight). It only lasted a minute and when I watched and got my hopes only to be  demolished yet again. Poor Boogerz was on an around the clock regimen of medicine and it was obvious his breathing was not improving. Then on Saturday, September 1st it was as if my prayers were being answered. Boogerz, although his belly was still swollen, he was running around and playing with his brother. They were jumping on everything and playing tag. I just sat there watching my babies enjoying themselves. I remember just crying like….finally. You see, it was never about me and how tired I was, it wasn’t about the running around to emergency vet visits. It is always about them. Always about the babies I foster and what they need. I give everyone of them a name just for them and them alone. That day, was bittersweet, for the elation I felt came crashing down by nightfall. It was suppertime and I noticed when I took up there dinner that Boogerz was in the same spot for the last 4 hours. At first I chalked it up to just being exhausted from playing so hard, which he wasn’t use to. He looked at me, with his one good eye, as I came into the room. Talon was lying beside him and whether you want to believe me or not, the room held an overbearing sense of sadness. I dropped to the floor and he mewed at me and laid his tiny little head into my hand. I laid down with him and I asked him, “is it time my baby”? The vow I make to these animals is very simple….no matter how hard it is for me I will NEVER let them suffer.  I gave him my undivided attention for the two days prior to it. I held him and loved him and played with him with his favorite little mouse while he laid in my arms calmly. I promised him that I would forever take care of his brother until it was time to carry him home to God too and that he shouldn’t worry or be scared. I told him all the names of the other babies that would be waiting for him on the other side. He placed his little paw on my lips and gently slid it down so it rested on my heart. We just sat like that for hours. Bright and early Tuesday morning (Monday was a holiday) I made the final trip to the vets office with my lil’ Boogerz Boy. I carried him in my arms to our home  when I rescued them and I carried him one last time home when he went home to God wrapped in his favorite baby blanket. Did I cry?    No.     I sobbed.

Seven months later I lost his brother Talon.

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