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A Day in the Life of Fostering

September 8, 2018

I can’t stress enough how much I love doing what I do…but when I write about the daily struggles I may come across as if I don’t.  Fostering is not easy, especially when it involves little creatures that are fighting everyday to live.  Its not all rainbows and butterflies, filled with cute little furry balls of naughtiness running helter skelter through the house. Although that does happen too, and frequently which you will read in my blog. Remember, I have 2 little brothers from the same litter. Talon Michael is only battling a URI but otherwise is a happy healthy little boy, whereas, Boogerz Boy is the weakest and very sickly.  For me it is very sad to watch my little boogerz watch his brother  run and play but just doesn’t have the strenghth to do it for very long.

As Talon thrived Boogerz eye deteriorated even more, until one morning I heard him cry out.  I figured that he and his brother were playing in their soon to be outgrown incubator. What I found was the first of many sleepless nights. His infected eye had started to rupture. Emergency vet visit….I need to stop here right now and tell you about my vet.  She is absolutely an amazing woman. She always made time for us, always was upfront and honest and even more importantly she saw the fight this little baby kitten had to live. So she fought just as hard with us. At this point she said the eye ruptured and hopefully with antibiotics, salve and time it would heal.  Well, that didn’t happen…lol. I decided that it was time to upgrade my little babies to a suite in our dining room (that’s what I call a large kennel, although in my defense it came fully decorated with a bedroom area, bathroom and  dining room) and may I say that the maid service was impeccable. Every day their bedding was changed and made; their  bathroom cleaned and freshened and the mini fridge always had a fresh supply of Buppie!!!!! It was 32 hours after they made the change into their suite that I heard the scream. Not a meow. Not a cry. A full-fledged scream like he was being killed and again I went running. If we thought his eye ruptured we were wrong, I mean yes we were right but it wasn’t done. The whole eye hung out and was the size of a cranberry. What I can tell you is that he wasn’t in anymore pain. Funny thing about rupturing eyes, I guess it kills off the nerve endings of something. Anyway, emergency vet visit!!!! I could post a picture here but I thought that perhaps the graphics would be way to harsh for people to see and I wanted to give my little Boogerz some dignity as well. After several days of salve, antibiotics and a tremendous amount of TLC my little booger baby started to come around and play with Talon. One day while doing my everyday chores, I happened to look down and thought a raisin was on the floor so I bent down and picked it up. NOT a raisin!!! Boogerz eye had finally fell out. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a pretty hard stomach (and I am not talking a washboard but holding his eye in my fingers made me slightly gag. Not the sight of it but rather the thought of it, does that make sense.  I immediately reacted the way all good mommies do..I ran saying something along the lines of ‘OMG my baby’s eye my baby’s eye’. Keep in mind the eye was still in my hand. Don’t ask because I don’t know why.  There he was…my little booger baby, one eye missing but honestly no worse for ware, in fact, he was playing with his brother like a huge burden was lifted from his shoulders. Perhaps now my little Boogerz Boy can truly heal and start to enjoy the life God granted him. As for me, the hectic everyday life of fostering in conjunction with my other duties continues on. Both have hearty appetites and enjoy their buppies very much, Talon’s poop is getting easier and better when manipulating but Boogerz still has a hard time pooping. We shall cross our fingers for an easier journey!!!

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