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I am a children's author who believes that just because you grow older does not mean you have to grow out of your imagination. "Never be afraid to Magical Mistakes." That is always a motto of mine. When you make a mistake, you learn things. You grow as an individual and you evolve. So many things have come into existence because of mistakes. New medications, new inventions, new medical advances, new processes are all results of mistakes. If everyone was perfect and we all handled everything the same, life would be so boring. No one would have individual purpose. That is what I hope to provide in my books and in my life. A safe place where children and adults feel like they can make those mistakes and be able to learn and grow with them. I want everyone to know it is OK, it is healthy to make mistakes. I know I have made plenty in my lifetime. In fact, I have made a hidden mistake within my first book, that I left on purpose. I wonder how many will find it. :)

Fiona Trinket

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