Survival is the name of the game.Annette has had a rough life. All she wants is to live happily, abuse free, with her daughter. Instead, her ex-con of a husband keeps ignoring the PFA order. His abuse has now become a danger to their young daughter, who is also afraid of him. When she runs again and she finds herself at a diner in the middle of nowhere, her saving grace becomes an elderly lady who takes them both in. Austin McPherson is a country man through and through. He lives on the ranch with his grandmother helping provide for them both. One day he wakes up to a screaming woman in his house, changing his life from then on. Not wanting to get pulled into any type of relationship, Austin can't control the feelings he starts to get toward the beautiful woman and adorable child. Having Annette and her daughter Holly in his space and the need to protect them both, become a part of who he is.Can love overcome obstacles that neither one of them can see?

Their Safe Landing: Rayne Falls Ranch Book 1 - Georgia Grace