Book 2 on the Halo Series


When JJ O’Malley was betrayed by someone she loves, the hunt for vengeance begins. Stepping away from everything and everyone she knows; JJ becomes entailed in the world of magic. Making a journey on foot through the mountains, with the witches from all the covens, JJ cannot face the truth of what she caused and turns magic on herself. Caught in the afterlife of the abyss, JJ’s soul is compromised by the ancestors and given the gift of all knowledge. Sent back into the mortal world as the entity she was at birth, JJ has now become Halo. Rejected by all those around her when she opens her eyes, Halo’s darker side erupts sending the witch realm into a panic. Struggling to maintain what good is left in her, Halo sets out on a magical journey to learn who and what she is.

Halo: Book 2: The Covens Circle - SRS