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This is the first book in The Indigo Child series.
Nine year-old Maria is an exceptional child, with exceptional gifts that she uses to communicate with earthly spirits and otherworldly beings of the multiverse. Her best friend is a Grey alien who continually visits her, teaching her about his planet and learning much about hers in return. She is told that she has a purpose, but what that purpose might be is hidden from her.
As she ages, her powers grow stronger, and Maria is found to be ready to do what she was born to do. With the help of a special teacher, Maria finally finds out what life has in store for her.
There are dangers along the way. Some human, some alien.
Can she survive the dangers and responsibilities that go along with someone as exceptional as herself? She must, or life everywhere could perish.

Evolution: Book 1 in The Indigo Child Series - D. K. Viola