Website Standards on Safe Guarding: Not Protecting Our Youth.

Website Standards on Safe Guarding: Not Protecting Our Youth.

I have posted this on my publishing page and you can read it here:

I have had personal experiences with how the website platforms do not automatically implement age checkers within their platforms because they see this as a way to make money. Our youth should not be something anyone profit from. Their protection against certain material and topics should not be for monetary gain.

Also in the blog is an actual email exchange back and forth with one of those platforms. Proof that our youth are not a concern for the website tyrants that allow any content to be on the internet, restriction free, when we create a page. I am able to write and post about whatever I want. Freedom of Speech. But, if I want to make sure I protect our youth from certain context, I must pay more. How irresponsible and conniving can a platform become?

Please let me know your thoughts below. As always, "You can't have History, without a Story in it."

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