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The Last Time You Had A Dream

When was the last time you had a dream? When was the last time you daydreamed? I do not mean a goal you are working towards, but something that inspires you. Inspiration can be a powerful force when you apply it correctly. Some people chase their passions and make them careers. Some people use their dreams to fill their free time and make hobbies. A dream is like a wish. You can’t always see it physically but you can have hope in it happening one day.

My kids dream of being so many different things and for now that is their types of dreams. Dreams can be a type of job, an adventure, an invention, or a discovery. I have seen many people make them into goals and achieve them, but I see a dream as something that can or cannot be achieved.

I mean, a three-headed unicorn doesn’t exist but someone could dream about seeing one someday. That is when you could put it down on paper, letting everyone else be a part of your imaginations and dreams too.

A dream can inspire you. I have seen a dream of sliding down slides really fast turn a child into a firefighter when they got older. Instead of just slides, they now get to slide down poles and ladders. I have seen a dream of a father wishing for stability, become sober, and purchase an apartment. One of my pupils had a dream of meeting pirates. He used to tell me great tales of pirates and a big blue ship. Now, he draws out his dreams of pirates and the blue ship for others to enjoy too. A dream can turn into a goal, but at its core, it is just an inspiration for your imagination. It is what motivates us to want to see or be or hear or touch or feel more. It enables us to share and make the impossible probable.

My dreams I write down in journals and am starting to make them come to life in my books. I want to try to share my dreams with the world and hopefully, they will inspire others to do the same. I may not always be the most perfect at what I do, but at least my mistakes are magical.

Tell me about something you dream of. I want to hear from you on what makes you inspired and how you try to express your dreams.

You can visit me on or on Facebook for more blogs and short stories! I love to hear what my readers and fans think. I hope all of you have a wonderful read!

Till next time: Make many magical mistakes!

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