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That new project feeling...

As I write this, I've finished prepping, outlining, and writing a quarter of the second book in The Empires of Terra series. The twists and turns it has taken have left me speechless, yet excited. Sometimes, the book seems to write itself, while other times, it's like pulling teeth.

While working on my first book, my network of writing friends here at writers espresso have given me great tips and advice. However, one of the most repeated phrases while writing my novel, "writing is the easy part," seemed like a lie at the time. Now, after editing multiple times, going through beta readers' feedback, more editing and rewrites, and finally the publishing process, I'm excited to get back into the more creative aspects of this business.

There were also three important lessons I learned along the way: taking criticism, not everyone is going to like my work, and write unapologetically. I say this because I was nervous for my mom to read my first novel and almost didn't add some scenes due to the fear of what she and others in my community would think of them. However, I thought about it long and hard. If I censored myself now, I would regret it because it would no longer be my story. The dynamics between the characters would have changed significantly and the plot would probably be very different. Is my book now restricted to 18+ for this decision? Yes, but I had to come to this decision on my own.

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