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Strong, fierce, and fiery

To the woman who birthed me, raised me, and protected me. Who roared through life like a hurricane. Who put her family before herself every time. Who's love I envy and is the greatest teacher of all.

How am I like my mother in personality?

First of all, this woman and I, we are far too alike. Both in looks and personality. We love to dance and are outgoing, but further down in the depth of our souls, we are fierce women with strong beliefs. We are feminists. Strong and independent. The mother I know doesn't take any bullshit from anyone, but somehow balances this fierceness with soft and tender warmth. The kindness she shows to everyone, no matter their background or culture. Yea, I like to think we are cut from the same cloth.

And though she is independent and strong, there is always room for love. And when she loves, she loves completely. Her love story is one for the books. She gives her children nudges in the right direction, and when they still choose the opposite, she supports them. She is patient and allows mistakes to be made. Usually without the "I told you so", but always followed with a hug and a lesson.

I like to think that my mom and I have similar personalities. Through life I have tried following this woman's footsteps, follow her examples- though for some they have yet to happen. When and if they do, I won't be afraid. I have the perfect model to follow.

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