Inspiring a Young Girl

Inspiring A Young Girl

By Fiona Trinket

A young little girl,

No older than thee,

Once used to become so tired from reading,

You see.

Oh, how she tried,

To sit up and pay attention.

Stories flowing through her head,

But unable to concentrate long enough,

On others words of intention.

Her eyes would droop,

Her head would fall,

Even when starting,

Her yawn could be heard by all.

Frustrated she would become,

Unable to complete her task,

Until one day,

A teacher placed an interesting book gently in her lap.

Frowning she looked down,

The glossy cover of a boy stared back at her.

At first smiling,

Then frowned,

She looked back up at her teacher.

“What is this?” She questioned.

“A new book.”, The teacher replied. “This one is special. You will find a lot you like inside.”

Brows furred together,

Doubt shown on her face,

Her teacher grinned like a puppy,

Blooming sparks of hope around the small space.

With tingles in her fingers,

And anticipation in her chest,

She knew this would be the first of many books,

She would read from front to back.

---- Inspiring A Young Girl -----

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