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Ghost Eyes: The Empires of Terra-the tréálves and ísálves

I will begin this series with the elves. Like most high fantasy stories, the elves in this book are nearly immortal, but they can be killed in battle. There are two factions of elves in the world of Terra: the ísálves and the tréálves. Both have different forms of majik and can have form soul bonds with another being.

Ísálves, also known as the ice elves, are dark elves. Ísálves have an affinity for ice majik, and like their race suggests, do not appear to have a traditionally strong moral code, though they do have one. Their skin holds a blue-grey tint is various shades and their hair can range from silver to black. Like the other elves in this novel, they are tall and lithe and mysterious. Their ice majik can control anyone who's body is made up of water, like the protagonist in the story, making them dangerous. They are known in Anemoi to be the makers of drugs with an extensive network of gangs. Unlike the other empires, few ísálves join a rebellion and are not loyal to anyone but themselves.

Ísálves rarely leave the Isle of Koji, choosing instead to do their business from within their island and hire mercenaries to do their bidding. Unlike the other empires, Koji does not house any humans and rarely any other race except the ísálves due to their ability to withstand the freezing temperatures.

Tréálves, also known as tree elves, are light elves. Tréálves have an affinity for controlling nature, and healing. They tend to have golden skin with pale hair, though that can vary, as with other races. Like the ísálves, they are tall and lithe, though as their race suggests, they have a strong moral code, from which they rarely stray. To do so would call a meeting with the council, and most likely an exile from the Kingdom of Dalur, which is where the majority of tréálves live year-round. Due to this strong moral code, the council polices the rebellions that are in forming in the Hellchinit Empire.

The Kingdom of Dalur, an island north of the city of Anemoi, houses the majority of the tréálves. The island is temperate with large sequoia-like trees covering the island. Their homes are treehouses, using the large branches as pathways to other houses or businesses. Because of this, they are naturally agile and limber.

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