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Followed Me: An Update by Sinful Grace

Followed Me: An Update by Sinful Grace

To everyone that have followed me along the way, I want to say thank you. This has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to continuing exploring more with all of you. I am about to complete my next book, a standalone LBGT romance called Prime Real Estate. It is all edited and now I am just waiting to hear what my proof readers say about the piece before it goes public. I am excited to get this one out and start on my third book in the Rayne Falls Ranch series. I mean who doesn’t want to see what happens with the third brother, Reed? I know I do and as a leak of tid bit information, His love will be a sweet bumpy past romance.

Speaking of romance, I am going to be starting a new blog series on the publishing page ( titled, Tales of the Submissives. When I post blogs on Writers Espresso, I will post a link within the blurb for you to view the latest tale. These tales will follow different stories (almost like a diary of events) for different women and possibly men submissives as they entangle themselves with a dominate counterpart. I will still be working and updating my blogs and short stories on the site, but this will be a fun way to combine a little mix of everything for those that enjoy a series but do not want the full manuscript of work. Honestly, it is also a way to unbind my writers block and allow more ideas to flow freely too.

Feel free to reach out to me with ideas if you have any. You may see something within my work. Please note, there may or may not be trigger warnings with these stories. I will make a blurb of what type of possible trigger warning before the tale begins. As always, my work is for readers 18 yrs or older. When signing onto my blog or reading nay of my content, it is marked as 18 years +, by reading you are agreeing you are 18 or older.

So many things have happened these last few months and those that have stayed on with me, even silently, are special to me and I hope you all know that. As always, “Remember, you can’t have History without a Story in it.”

-Thank you for reading Follow Me: An Update and Happy Reading

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