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Dangerous by Sinful Grace

“I couldn’t help but notice you need some help.”

Startled, a tiny yelped escaped as she all but fell form the shelf she had stepped onto. A rough palm wrapped around her upper arm, firmly gripping to steady her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Hair falling into her eyes, she looked down seeing a pair of brown sandals budding up against her white sneakers. Using her free hand, she wiped at her face.

“Are you ok?” Concern etched his deep gritting voice, sparking her curiosity.

“I’m -,” She stared to say but when her eyes met chocolate brown ones, she felt at a loss for words. The beating in her chest increasing at a rapid pace.

He smiled.

Her heart skipped a beat. Oh no. Not now, she chided herself. The meager warning did nothing to stop her body from reacting to the smirk he displayed. Closing her eyes, she took in a breath and released it.

“Are you ok?” He asked again, this time with a bit more disquiet undertone.

Once again, her eyes opened to meet his. The same funny feeling whipped through her, causing her to slightly shudder. She only prayed he didn’t notice. “I’m fine.” She responded and his eyes began to soften. Pushing all the feelings aside, she shook her head and went to run her fingers through her hair, only to get resistance.

Both their eyes fell to where he still held onto her. Clearing his throat, he quickly pulled back. “Sorry,” he replied, running a hand through tussled cropped hair. Light reflected off the dirty blonde strands mesmerizing her. Disappointment mixed with something akin to longing when cool air hit her arm where his heat had been. Crossing her arms over her chest, she rubbed at her biceps.

Little lines creased his forehead as his eye brows drew together. “Do you need help with that?” His words coming out as she shivered once again. His hand moving but then pausing, eyes searching hers for a second before his hand fell back down to his side.

Unsure what he was referring to, her head tilted slightly. The hem of his shirt pulled up as he pointed up at the shelf next to where they stood. “With that?”

Her mind finally grasping what he was getting at, had her mouth falling open in an O. Realization at the display she was making, her mouth clamped shut with a small click that reverberated inside her head.

He grimaced. “Ouch. You, ok?”

“I’m fine,” she stated once again. Her constant repeat of the same statement feeling like a broken record. What is wrong with me?

“I can help you get that.” The cool smirk returning to his handsome features had rivulets of feelings running rampant throughout her.

“Uh”, unsure she could trust her own voice she squeaked out, “sure.”

“Here.” His body brushing against her side as he reached for the can she had been climbing the shelf to get. “Just one?”

Kindling was not needed for the burning dwelling inside of her at that very moment. It has been so long since she had any reaction towards another man that she was a bit taken aback. This simple interaction had her head spinning and her body in chaos.

“Yes…” Drawing out the word didn’t calm her nerves like she wished it did.

He leaned back, standing tall and involuntarily her mouth responded again, “No.” He frowned. “I mean,” her mind raced, “I need three total.”

He nodded. Moving again, she watched as he stretched to grab the other two cans. Arms barley contained within the sleeves of his polo shirt. Her eyes taking in his long torso. Not as lean as some of the men that frequent the gym, but his natural physique was more appealing to her. She swallowed, instantly feeling the need for more air.

“There you go.” Replying, landing back on his heels, he handed her the three cans. Taking them, she made sure not to touch him directly. knowing that the contact would stir up more than she wanted.

“Thank you.”


The simple reply, normally she would take it at face value, but the way that he drew out the syllables and how his eyes are staring down into hers, she was sure there was an underlying meaning behind it. Audibly, she gulped. Alluring brown eyes trailed down her throat, mimicking the movement. Her body heating uncontrollably.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” The inquiry dripping with implications of more.

“I- “she began but stopped short of replying as he moved closer. His scent hearty with sandalwood.


Her heart pounded in her chest and she lost all sense of speech. His eyes lowered, seemingly lapping up the sight of her. When he got to her hand, they lingered for a moment and then trailed back up to her eyes.

“Unless,” He paused. The moment crackling with electricity. She held her breath. “Unless you are already taken?”

She knew what he was referring to. She expected it. On her finger, the only finger that does have meaning, was a solitaire diamond ring. Normally she didn’t pay it any mind. Never needing to worry because it usually was a given, showing she was taken with the obvious displayed. However, she wasn’t sure what made her pause at answering him.

He smiled, crooked this time. A glimpse of off-white teeth, shone back at her. He bravado cracking slightly. A noise escaped and her cheek flushed.

“Is that a yes, or no?” He chuckled. His chest expanded with the intake of air as he ran a hand over his short hair again.

“Yes,” she replied.


“Yes, I am taken.” The crackle in her voice had an uneasy feeling creeping into her chest. She had an urge to say something completely different but knew her morals wouldn’t let her. What is it with this man? He shrugged at her but the smile never faltered. His eyes still glued to hers.

“You are adorable when you blush you know?”

The comment surprised her. He didn’t move away. He stood there, looking down at her. Nerves wrecked her insides at the assessing look that he gave her. Unsure how to respond she simply shook her head. Her hair whipping around her. The movement had her stepping back, off balance. She bumped into the cart she had behind her and tripped slightly.

Quickly he leaned forward and gripped the handle bars. His arms on either side of her, caging her in.

“Steady,” his voice boomed out.

His throat centimeters to her face that she could see his vein pulsing and his body heat developing her. Turning her head, she had a craving to run her tongue over the pulse in in neck. Refraining had her body feeling drained.

“There now.”

Straightening herself, he released the handle bars behind her. Slowly he eased back. His lips and nose grazing her cheek as he leaned back onto his feet. Something about him had her whole being enthralled and she could not grasp what it was.

I need to get a grip. Breathe, just breathe.

The little mantra playing over in her head, she almost missed his next words.

“I will let you get back to shopping.” Blinking, it took her a few moments to catch onto the meaning of what he just said.

“Oh. OK.”

“Here,” he said lightly laughing at her obvious confusion. “Call me anytime. If you need help with more cans or…” Trailing off, he left the conversation open to interpretation.

Reaching into his picket he took out a light blue card. Reaching out, he handed it to her. Cautiously, she took the offered card and nodded.

He nodded and turned. She blew out a breath but held it again when he paused. Lifting his hand, he looked over his shoulder. “Oh, I forgot to ask.” He swiveled to face her again.

“What is your name?”

Stumped, her mouth went dry. He wanted to know her name? Why? She knew the answer but her mind was running as ragged as her body’s onslaught of feelings. “Emily,” she replied.

Emily,” he reiterated. The words seductive. She heated up once again. “Sexy.”

Her mouth fell open. Did he just say that?

“Nice to meet you, Emily.” With that, he lifted his chin and winked. Causing tingles to run from her head to her toes as he turned back around and moved down the aisle.

Leaving her with so many questions and awkward confusion that she just stood there staring.

“Damn,” a familiar voice said behind her. Emily turned to see Rachel, her neighbor and friend

coming up the aisle. “I see you met the new corporal.”

“What?” Eyes wide, she turned to Rachel.

“Mr. Hottie,” she says, nodding her head in the direction of the man who was just talking to her.

“What are you talking about?” The card she held in her hand suddenly important. She looked down to read it just as Rachel replies again.

“The is the new corporal that transferred in. I believe his name starts with a J.”


“Yeah. That’s it.” Rachel tits her head towards her. “How did you know?”

Shaking her head, she looks up to meet her friends’ eyes. “He helped me with a can of beans and handed me his card.”

“Oh,” she says flatly. “Isn’t that convenient.” Her friend gazes at the card in her hand. “Well, looks like you two will be seeing a lot of each other now that he works with Jerry.”

“Yea.” She swallowed. Both women look back down the aisle. Jason stood at the end talking to an elderly couple. They were laughing and he broke out in that sexy grin again.

Rachel sighed. “There is a whole lot of trouble to be had with that man.


“Too bad he is married.”


The words shot out of her mouth instead of remaining in her head like she planned. Rachel turned to her and blinked.

“He is married. Two years now from what I hear.” Rachel laughed at her expression. “What? You didn’t know?”

She shook her head.

“Well, he is.” She smiles and turns back to look at Jason, who turns to look back at them. “So much trouble.” She cooed out. Jason winks. She knew Rachel would think it was just in general at them but Emily knew it was directed at her.

Not trouble. Dangerous, she thought to herself.


I hope you enjoyed Dangerous by Sinful Grace

If you want to see more of my work you can also visit me on

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