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Welcome to Writers Espresso's Live Books Section.


     We are so excited to add this awesome addition to the website. I won't lie...I was inspired by the new apps that are available for people to do this however, we wanted to give people the opportunity to read a chapter every week without having to pay for it. 

      Reading is very important and I of all people know how difficult it can be to afford a good book. The authors who participate receive no royalties when viewers partake. However, we do ask that if you like what you are reading to please click on the Like Button of that page. If you have Goodreads account, please give your author a review /or rating. And of course, spread the word! 

     Each individual author has a subscription form at the bottom of their page. If you want to be notified when a new chapter comes out, simply fill out your email. It's that easy.

     Our book entries won't only come from already published works, but some of us have taken on the challenge of starting a new book. This is exciting for us, and hopefully for you as well. You will be reading the book as it is created before any one else! Once the book is done, it will be pulled from the website and published with Amazon.


     Thank you for visiting and we hope you will become part of the Writers Espresso family! 

Feel free to use our Chat button to talk with the author you are following.

Happy Reading!

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