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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to fix wood rot or replace siding on the outside of a house?

The cost to paint the exterior of a house depends on various factors:

  • location on the house where repair is being made
  • type of material being installed
  • do we have to remove other items
  • size of lumber being installed
  • zip code of the house
  • warranty length
This is truly one of those projects where an estimator has to go out and take a look at things first hand. Once in a while we can actually come up with a price based off a submitted picture. Our company has standard pricing based on the size, length, and material type of the lumber or wood being replaced. So for exmaple if you wanted to replace some 1x3 trim peices at the corner of your chimney you would be looking at approximatley $45 per 8ft sections. If you wanted to replace a sheet of siding on the ground level of your home it would be approximately $120. A piece being replaced on the 2nd or 3rd level would be priced slightly more.

What kind of materials do you use for repairs on the outside of a house?

Our first goal with carpentry work is to try and provide similar materials. So if you have pine then we try to install pine so everything looks the same once the work is completed. At times it's more feasible to replace with a better material. An example would a piece of trim that keeps rotting out because it's near a gutter might be replaced with a piece of trim made out of PVC. A piece of pine might get replaced with a piece of pre-engineerd trim (like Smart trim) to pro-long any future damage. One big challenge when trying to replace with similar materials is the design or actual size of the material. The size or design may not be available--especially if you have an older home. We work with homeowners to come up with a viable solution that takes care of the problem with minimal impact to teh aesthetics of the house.

How long do you warranty exterior repair projects?

Our standard exterior repair warranty is 1 year from date of completion. The reason we can't go longer is because we have no control over the effect the environment has on a house. Some houses contract and expand significantly while some not much at all. When houses contract and expand the caulking on the seams could crack. As a standrad policy we use Sherwin Williams' Powerhouse caulking which is the 2nd best they manufacture. This means we are using good stuff.

Is primer required on replacement materials?

Primer should be used on:

  • bare wood
  • when the existing paint is not sound
  • metal siding or surfaces
Think of primer as the glue that holds together the surface being painted and the new paint. Some materials like Smart trim and PVC don't require any primer.

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