Like a lightening storm in the brain

Warning this blog post may be triggering for those suffering through depression and anxiety. One of the first things to know about epilepsy is that it does not discriminate based on age, sex, or race. It doesn't care about your dream of becoming a pilot, an astronaut, or a scuba diver- all of which you cannot do if you have epilepsy. It completely ignores your attempts of independence and freedom, and decides to obliterate your wallet- no matter your economic status. It is a cruel, incurable disorder- though I consider it a disease- that no one wants to talk about. Though it cannot be caught by being close to a stranger like the flu, this disease has caught me. Since eighth grade, I've been

Saying Farewell

June 8, 2019 Hello everyone!! Srs here…I know that it has been quite a long time since I have posted anything but I do have plausible excuses. Miss Betsy Beaverhousen RIP sweet girl 04/19/19 The finality of life for one of our family pets is as debilitating for me, as a human loved one. Those animals that are a part of my daily life, no matter how fleeting the moment may be, become my family, more honestly, they become my four-legged children. If they come to me as babies, I coo them, nurture them, shower them with love and belly rubs. I watch as their tiny little paws grow in conjunction with their legs lengthening, their ears becoming to big for their tiny heads until it finally catch

Fostering Faux Pas

September 23, 2018 Good morning everyone, SrS here!!! Although fostering can be extremely stressful I need to point out also how rewarding it is. After little Boogerz eye had fallen out, I started to have 2 normal little kittens. Playing and  scampering all over the kitchen floor, running from one end of the kitchen to the other end. ( I had the living room blocked off to keep the dogs separated from the kittens) I was quite apparent that my little Boogerz was somewhat delayed in his development and while Talon had transitioned from buppie to canned kitten food mixed with some formula, Boogs (my nickname for Boogerz) was still a full time buppie baby.  I began to notice that Boogs belly was

A Day in the Life of Fostering

September 8, 2018 I can’t stress enough how much I love doing what I do…but when I write about the daily struggles I may come across as if I don’t.  Fostering is not easy, especially when it involves little creatures that are fighting everyday to live.  Its not all rainbows and butterflies, filled with cute little furry balls of naughtiness running helter skelter through the house. Although that does happen too, and frequently which you will read in my blog. Remember, I have 2 little brothers from the same litter. Talon Michael is only battling a URI but otherwise is a happy healthy little boy, whereas, Boogerz Boy is the weakest and very sickly.  For me it is very sad to watch my little boo

Fostering Ferals

September 4, 2018 The days passed in a blur as they usually do when I foster baby kittens. The days blend into the nights as I become sleep deprived and possibly crabby. Ok, maybe down right bitchy at times if I am going to keep this honest. Over the course of the next seven days both kittens had developed full blown URI’s and are still not heavy enough to administer medicine. At this point in time Boogerz weighs 6 oz and Talon 8 oz. Not all fostering is this hard, I just happened to get the two who are fighting the odds every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day and need special attention. The dehumidifier seems to help them breathe a little easier but both are still having

The Tiny Lives of Boogerz and Talon

September 3, 2018 Meet Talon Michael and Boogerz Boy,  Please be advised, as I take you on this journey, in the day of the life of fostering, some pictures will be graphic, some will make you smile and some may break your heart. I beg you to continue following this journey, not for me, but for them and all the others out there that need you to understand. My mom asked me, “what is your goal in doing this?” Well, educate people was my answer, but thats not the truth. My goal is to grasp onto peoples humanity and maybe just maybe more people will open their hearts, their homes, their time and yes ultimately their wallets. Not for me, of course, for rescue groups. I want people who don’t give

To Love an Animal

August 29, 2018 Hello my friends, today I have decided to blog about something completely off subject of vampires. My greatest passion in this life is animals. Not just dogs or cats but all animals. Over the last 40 years i have saved my fair share of animals and with the grace of God I will continue to do so. I recently was asked ‘why do you do this to yourself?’.  You would think that my answer would have been spontaneous, without hesitation or thought, but the truth is the question had a profound impact on me.  Why do I do this? We all know that animals lives are very short in contrast to ours, which means I must also deal with a lot of their deaths. Losing one of my fur babies, whether t

Female Vampires

August 21, 2018 Female Vampires  KETRA Hello everyone SrS here. I’ve been sitting here all week contemplating just how to explain the character Ketra. Growing up, the few vampire movies that were out, all seemed to be portrayed as a stereotype. Pale face, jet black hair with a prominent widows peak, ruby red lips, long black cape with a high neck collar. Fast forward into the here and now and vampires are portrayed quite differently. TV shows like “The Originals”, “Vampire Diaries”, and unforgettable movies like “Twilight” and so many more, we get to see vampires in a less hideous light. For me, Ketra is a cross between the vampires of old and the modern vampire. I want her character to po

Vampire Leebo

August 1, 2018 Hello everyone, SrS here.  Its way past my second cup of coffee but better late than never I say.  This particular blog had me a little stumped.  In my vampire series, the most underplayed character would be Leebo.  He starts out in the forefront and slowly moves to the background but still plays a very important role.  I wanted Leebo to be the non-boisterous vampire who is philosophical and intelligent.  A momma’s boy through and through.  There is so much more to his character that we haven’t even delved upon. Again, if you have not read the book and intend to, be forewarned there could be spoilers in this blog! So what truly happened to Leebo? Much like Frederick, he was

Vampire Antics

July 22, 2018 Goodmorning… SrS here, getting ready to emerge myself in the glorious fantasy land of vampires. The weather here is dismal and dark, with rain splattering against the window panes.  My coffee is hot and the fingers are in position over the keyboard. Remember, if you haven’t read the book, the hunt for the healer, there may be spoilers in this blog.  I had so much fun writing the first novel in the halo series, but I have to tell you that writing the second one is proving to be more enjoyable than I ever could have suspected. For me, the first book was more about adding new members to your fantasy family. I can remember reading Twilight (which is my ultimate favorite saga, kud

Why Vampires?

July 21, 2018 Good Morning my fellow vampire lovers, SrS here.  As promised, I am enjoying my second cup of coffee with you!!!! Lets explore all the concepts of vampires and why I chose to create the vampires that I did. As far back as I can remember i have always been fascinated with the concept of vampires. I don’t think it really had anything to do with the immortality of the vampire life but rather the sensuality of them. Not just the lure they had on their victims but a vampire as a whole. For me, looking at some of the great vampire entities, I cant help but think about Lestat and everything that he has seen, experienced and lived thru. I could go on and on with that but I think you kn

Second cup of coffee

July 20, 2018 Morning everyone! SrS here, I have come to the decision that during my second cup of coffee of the morning, i would sit and blog instead of scratch my head and walk in circles as to what to do first. LOL. Although i must admit, i don’t believe my dogs are to thrilled with waiting for their morning breakfast. I truly must admit, that i cant wait for the day when someone actually comments or blogs back. Well the dogs aren’t going to feed themselves and the cats are starting to form a semi circle around me, almost sounds like a good lead into a story……until tomorrow mornings second cup of coffee, keep reading and hope to see your comments!!!! SrS

National Novel Writing Month

NaNoWriMo By Karla R. Jensen If you are a writer and have not heard about November’s annual National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short), here’s your chance to get involved. If you have heard of it, maybe you’ve avoided it. If you’ve already participated, then you know what a wonderful, terrifying, crazy, hard, hair-raising, mind-boggling and mind -blowing experience this challenge is. Here’s the easy part: write 1500 words a day, every day, for the month of November. By the time December rolls around, you’ll be able to put down your pen or computer and put up your Christmas tree or holiday decorations. You’ll have the scaffolding of a 50,000-word novel. Here’s the hard part: for the n

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